Laceworks Jewelry "Feather Earrings"

Feather Earrings

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    Soft, beautiful, and distinctly feminine.

    Feather earrings wrought in handmade silver lace add a light and airy touch to your choice appearance. Almost ephemeral in their delicacy, the length of these earrings will accentuate your cheek and neckline magnificently, even as the rose gold stem adds the perfect pop of color. As you might expect from their namesake, these one of a kind earrings are feather-light for perfect all day wear.

    14k rose gold stems, sterling silver frame, fine silver filigree wire. Ear hooks are sterling silver. If you require a special metal for the ear hooks, please leave us a note during checkout.

    Size: Approximately 1.5 in from base of hook to bottom of feather, and 0.5 in at widest

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    Approximately 1.5 in (4 cm) from base of hook to bottom of feather


    Approximately 0.5 in (1.3 cm) at widest

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