Laceworks Jewelry "Minifili Leaf Earrings"

Leaf Earrings Minifili


These precious handmade filigree leaf earrings add the perfect touch to your ensemble without being ostentatious.

Due to their size and delicate appearance, these little treasures pair with satin dresses as easily as denim jeans, for a go-to staple in your collection.

Our minifili line brings you filigree in the miniature—delicate lace-like treasures for every occasion.

Sterling silver frame and fine silver filigree wire. Available with hooks, or posts as shown.

Size: Approximately 0.8 in from base of hook to bottom of leaf, and 0.4 in at widest

Hook or Post?

Choose between sterling silver hook or post


Additional information


Approximately 0.8 in (2.1 cm) from base of hook to bottom of leaf


Approximately 0.4 in (1.1 cm) at widest

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